Childrens Books

Following are illustrations for books that Nancy has written.


The Tiny Town of Pinit

For years and years the people in the Tiny town of Pinit planted prickily-wickily pin-pin shrubs throughout their town. In the fall the children harvested the pin-pins and put them to good use. The pin-pins held the peoples clothes together!

Then one day as the children were planting the pin-pin seeds, a large crow flew overhead and dropped a shiny object beside Button the dog. It was large colorful seed. Button quickly dug a hole and buried the seed and the result is magical.


Three Tails

This heartwarming tale is about making friends who do not look or live as we do, and the power this bond holds when tested.


Gray Moss and the Mountain

In the beginning the flowers on this beautiful earth chose what color they would like to be, and where they they would like to live.

All the flowers found their perfect spot to call home. All but Gray Moss. There didn’t seem to be a home for him along with all the colorful and fragrant flowers.

Gray Moss set out to find a place to call home in an unlikely place!

“Gray Moss and the Mountain” is adapted from a children’s story, published in a collection online at “The Children’s Story Garden.” It was written in the late 1700’s by a Quaker author as, “The Flowers Who Live Above the Clouds.”.

My adaptation as a children’s play has been published in PLAY’s Mag., Boston.



Turtle’s Birthday Surprise

Turtle waits for his friends to celebrate his birthday with him, but everyone rushes off to Piggy’s. No one seems to have time for him on his special day. One-by-one they rush by and warn Turtle that there is a fox in the woods, and foxes are dangerous! When Turtle is all alone and sad, a stranger walks out of the woods, and soon Turtle has a new friend. They decide to go to Piggy’s together, and a BIG surprise awaits them!


Gift From a Snow Devil, a True Story

“Gift From A Snow Devil, a true story,” introduces us to a playful, generous Snow Devil, and a lonely child searching for a friend. Snow Devil is a wily and busy creature, lacing the forest with gifts he obtains through slight-of-hand. Warm mittens, wool scarves and lots of trinkets hang on snowy boughs. Keys and coins are tossed along the path and on old tree stumps, waiting to be found. A gift.

Meeting a lonely child at the top of a well traveled path, they begin a magical journey together, searching for a gift for his new friend. “What do you need?” Snow Devil asks in his squeaky high voice. The child replies that the gift needed right away cannot be found hanging on a tree branch or on a rotting old stump!

Friendship is not easily found, then again, sometimes it is right beside you spinning and twirling, dancing right under your nose.





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